Sunday, 4 November 2012

Enough of random blog posts!

Weird.. to have me have a go at randomness.. So recently, I have come across SEO blogs which talked about the importance of content in a blog post. We hear everywhere how Quality is important: Quality over Quantity. I do agree with that... 100% even. OK, lets say 80%.
Quantity is just as important for search engine to get material to rank you with, as they are to users to quench their thirst for more and more info. I'd take the following examples from the friend's blog I am currently working on.

screenshot of master-slave-paradox blog post I'll start by the worst example Ever... this forlorn post has the least views on the blog although it is the latest one published there. Why? It has no weight. A crawler would not have enough data to rank this page properly. For the human eye, it is read through in one glance. Yes, one might argue (we all know who that "one" might be) that this is food for thought, and of course, I agree with that. But this is not enough for a blog post. It is not enough to catch the reader's attention, and there is not even room for a "read further..." there (note that this is not a MUST). Maybe if the dear author expressed her views more explicitly this would have been different.
Through my several blog digs (yes, I dig blogs), I have found that the optimum number of words for a blog to catch a user's and a user agent's (crawlers) attention is 700 words.

screenshot of passion of first love blog post On to the other side of the coin, this 'love' page has around 500 words of content. Note that I am not commenting on the content itself but the presentation of the content... Just clearing that out in case someone lashes at me.. It has a well-placed picture, which has actually brought the page organic traffic, and the content is original, like everything on the blog of course.
Well, I have nothing much to add in that sense, the screenshots speak for themselves.

One important tip I have come across, is to make sure the blog post is answering someone's question. Either that, or create viral content by posting naked pictures with your exposed vagina; dicks don't go viral easily, unless you're a celeb.... *sigh*
OK.. OK.. I joke. I joke.(or not) No need to get into porn, there are other ways to become famous.
  • Gossip content i.e. celebrity news
  • Tutorials online (what would I do without tutorials!!)
  • Controversial topics (because people love to fight with their 100%-right opinions on the internet). This includes political debates, religious talks, sex talks, abortion, Women rule the world <- good example of a topic name which might raise some misogynists' eyebrows.
  • Game Walk-throughs: We've ALL looked for this one at least once in our lives, unless you have no life ^^
  • Thrash talks... I'd take an example. If you heard of a brawl down your street, who wouldn't run to their window to watch the scene, out of curiosity, or plain sadism.

That being said, I am pretty sure there are a lot more tips to add to this short list. I am merely quoting from what I remember from my "blog digs". YZCPT3D9YUHH
As usual,
...Feedback are welcome.

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