Thursday, 1 November 2012

Blogger tips for better visibility on Search Engines

To begin with, let me clear things out.. I am a beginner SEO, freshly shoved into that world. I'm currently still learning and positive.. AND negative feedback are most welcome.
So here goes, the first assignment I undertook. There is this bitchy buddy of mine (love her anyway) who is pretty good at blogging and actually takes pleasure in doing so. So, I offered to make her opinion reach out to more people by applying my expertise *cough* on it.
Right now, it still is a budding project but, if we add some sweat to it, it sure will bloom. And of course, there is also the fact that we're going to make money from it once we obtain a generous amount of regular visitors.
The steps I have undertaken to make this blog the popular guy/girl in the yard are as follows:
  • Linked the already present blog to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools
    Keeping track of the way the blog evolved was of utmost importance, especially to me, who is still learning the ways of the SEO
  • Reworked the design of the blog
    This one, although it IS an important factor for enhancing visitor's experience, it was mostly due to the dear bitch being bitchy about design :) Hence, I configured the CSS file for the blog, trying to make the posts as beautiful and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Loads of meaningless links on the site have been removed, and I tried to keep all the data exposed to a minimum.
  • Optimised the html codes for all the previous posts
    THIS was a real pain in the ass. Since the "compose" button was used to auto-generate all the html codes, the tags created were a real mess with no standard fonts in all the posts (wish I had saved a screenshot of it). Plus, there were misplaced and redundant 'divs' and 'spans' which added to the weight of the page.
  • Modified the titles and image 'alt' tags
    Here, i had to deal with blog titles that had absolutely nothing to do with the content of the post. A "First impression" title which talked about 'driving' (somebody kill me!). All the image, and yes they are great pictures, gotta give her that much credit, did not have any alt tag. Although, yes Google does not give it that much importance with its recent panda and penguin updates (forgot which does what) to alt tags but rather to the content of the blog where the image is present. Still, i deem it worthy to keep to the good SEO practices and appropriately name them.
  • Registered blog and its RSS feed
    Now we get to the link building part. Registered the RSS feed, on several websites. Annnd... yes, thats it. Not much to add... *shrugs* if you, dear reader, want to know which sites I registered on, I highly recommend using google search: a magical tool!
  • Creating a Facebook and Google+ page
    This part however, is currently in progress. Through my blog digs around the net, I came upon info which leads me to believe that bing uses Facebook 'likes' to customise its research and Google uses its "+1" feature. It might also be true that both search engines make use of both feature, but that is but a hypothesis. But bottomline, what I'm sure of is that, social media is key in the next generation SEO.

Screenshot from Google Analytics of The Experiment of Life This is but a first post. So far, it has been a week since everything started, and we're rising from 0 (pretty good start huh!) to 10 visitors per day. Not bad! *crosses fingers* stay positive! stay positive!

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